"name":     "Samuel Damashek",
 "github":   "https://github.com/sdamashek/",
 "linkedin": "https://www.linkedin.com/pub/samuel-damashek/8a/8b8/96/",
 "resume":   "http://sdamashek.me/resume.pdf",

 "awards": ["1st place, Metropolis Cyberskyline at University of Maryland, 2015 (Team)",
            "6th place, PicoCTF 2014, held by Carnegie Mellon University (Team)",
            "Volunteer Gold Star Award, Fairfax County Department of Neighborhood and Community Services, 2014",
            "Best Collaborative Hack, Hack the North 2014 at University of Waterloo, Ontario (Team)",
            "1st place, MITRECTF 2013 and 2014 (Team)",
            "1st place, Booz Allen Hamilton Data Science Bowl 2013 (Team, 7th place individually)",
            "Volunteer of the Year, Prince William County Public Schools VEX Robotics program"],

 "projects": {"TJCTF":      {"description": "Designed and executed an architecture plan for the TJCTF computer security competition using Microsoft Azure and Docker",
                                  "github": "https://github.com/TJCSec/ctf-problems",
                                 "website": "http://tjctf.org/"},

              "VoxelBot":   {"description": "Co-created Wikipedia bot to collect and display statistics on current vandalism amounts on the English Wikipedia",
                                  "github": "https://github.com/sdamashek/Voxel-Bot"},

              "codesphere": {"description": "Helped create web application that combines a live team chat, whiteboard, and bugs system to assist in group programming projects",
                                  "github": "https://github.com/tjcsl/codesphere",
                                 "website": "http://www.codesphere.org/"},

              "mips":       {"description": "Coded MIPS emulator with reduced instruction set",
                                  "github": "https://github.com/sdamashek/mips"},

              "queri.me":   {"description": "Helped create web application which helps systems administrators keep track of the status of their machines, and set reminders, using clients running on their servers",
                                  "github": ["https://github.com/tjcsl/mhacksiv",
                                 "website": "http://queri.me/"},

              "wedge":      {"description": "Helped create web application which makes a game out of Wikipedia editing to encourage productive edits",
                                  "github": "https://github.com/tjcsl/wedge"}},

 "skills": [{"Python": ["Flask", 

            {"Linux":  ["Bash",
                        "Systems Administration",
                        "NSS LDAP",